Friday, February 8, 2019


So now what?

When I had the stroke - November 1, 2016 - I was put on a blood-pressure medication. I do not tolerate medications well and I have been very fortunate in not needing but one, needless to say my expenses in that regard are minimal.

As many of you know I have traveled quite a bit and was in Iceland last June where I went Paragliding - Zip-lining and tried ice-cave climbing. That was my first indication that I was not as strong as I thought I was, I expected hacking into the ice would be a piece of cake! But I was breathing a little hard for what seemed to me a fairly short trek across the tundra to the opening of the Katla cave.

All through 2017 I traveled as usual, enjoying life to the fullest, hiking in Colorado - Moab, Utah .
Visited in Minnesota, Florida, Arizona, Texas...Then I began to hear "are you wheezing, Mom?"
"you are breathing hard,Mom" ....Fast forward to the first week of the new year; Had a checkup and found out that the medication for the blood-pressure had resulted in C.O.P.D.  That was changed to another med. which lasted one day. I wasn't able to tolerate that one!

Okay, let's try another one...this is BAD! Three days later I got this horrible cough that so far is still keeping me up at night hacking away! And now other drug for the cough!

Tried the usual water and vinegar...honey...honey and water...still hacking away! "Cough-drops don't help as this is in your blood and will go away in time " :(

This has not kept me from hopping -moving-jumping...

So now what? I went and got me a pretty, new jump-rope as my old one is in my car in Minnesota!
You should have seen the face of the young man when he found out the rope was for me!!! He said "I want to visit your Iceland!" I really cracked up LOL.

With perky steps this chronologically gifted woman got into her daughter's elderly Cadillac and sped out of the shopping center huge grin on her face!

I have every intention of keeping on enjoying life. It really is wonderful!

My daughter had a great idea for my breathing exercise: Start playing my harmonica again!!!

Friday, December 28, 2018


Growing up in Vopnafjörður, Iceland, Grandpa always said "Viking kids don't cry," One day I said "I'm not a Viking, what I have heard they were mean people!" 

Grandpa looked at me and said: "Vik, in Icelandic means a bay, inlet or a fjord. 
So anyone who lives by a fjord could be called Viking or Vikingur which means "One who comes from the fjords."

"As many Icelander can tell  you  living by a fjord is not for the faint of heart  and don't cry over small stuff.  We learn to toughen up at young age, that's what I am teaching you: Kids from the fjords don't cry, they can stomp their feet yell and holler but don't whine and cry." Grandpa frowned and then said "In the old days there were many that went berserk and went raiding other countries but that's a different story. So, Diddamin, I repeat Viking kids don't cry!"

Thursday, December 13, 2018



                  STANDING TALL!


After living here in the united states since 1945, (when I
came as a WW.II War-bride) only in 2012 when Eyjafjallajokull erupted and got in the news, was my country, Iceland, really recognized, at least in central Illinois :-)

Before that, I usually got a blank look when I answered the, inevitable, question about my accent. Now it seems like so many have either been there, have a friend or a relative who has been there, or have Iceland on their bucket list!

Going back to my "nice surprise"; I was in Red Wing, Minnesota in October for my youngest grand-daughter wedding. As we were leaving the Motel I picked up a local magazine called "Generations of Today."

Later I was browsing through it and came across theses delightful photos and information!

I love surprises like this!

Sunday, November 25, 2018


I don't need to go to the gym - no special equipment needed.


My routine; at least ten sit-ups before getting out of bed. Use a wall to stretch as high as possible, fingers spread, then stretch more! Stand on tip-toe stretch again! HIGHER!

Next, do hamstring stretches.

                                     Now do the plank and hold to count of thirty (or more)

After the plank, do the "dog" stretch, again for the count of thirty or more, same  for the "cat" stretch.

"Dog"  stretch     
"Cat" stretch.

Kitchen is a  good, safe place to exercise and do the microwave hop! While the  microwave is on the count-down  hop - dance- prance, then clap your hands!!!
Good exercise for strengthening legs and for balance!

Monday, November 19, 2018


Over our younger years my husband and I  moved several times, like so many folks. The first few years it
was all rental apartments.  We did as many other

renters did; cleaned, washed windows, painted when allowed to do so...took good care of the property.

When, in later years we bought our first house, moved and started fixing up; painting the rooms according to our taste, putting in better insulation and so on...

The lawn was mowed, bushes trimmed... Again we were not alone in this desire to take care of our dwellings. 

What got me to thinking was how many of us are so careful to take care of our temporary living places, even though we'd know that we would likely  move again and again... 

But we are not so careful to take care of the one permanent dwelling we don't get move out of, and  get a new one...

Our bodies is the one and only permanent house we'll ever have and it must
last as long as we live! Just think of that for a minute...Are we really as aware of the need of taking good care of this "one and only forever house"  as we are on with our temporary homes?

With the house comes the need for power tools - lawnmowers, perhaps a truck, a car...All oiled - checked for good operation...

But what about our forever house? The one that has to last as long as we breathe...? Hmm? 

Friday, November 16, 2018


We cant live like chickens in a coop and expect to be able to soar the skies like seagulls...

I am far to busy enjoying life to be limited by my age. Whatever that means

Sunday, November 11, 2018


Indoor rock-wall climbing at UPPER LIMITS in Bloomington,
Illinois, in preparation for climbing down into Vatnshellir Cave,
 Snæfellsnes, Iceland.

Before we descended down the 114 feet spiral stairs, each of us
was given a flashlight.

We walked carefully, slipping and sliding about 600
  feet from the winding stairs we were instructed to
 turn off all lights. The darkness was absolute.

At first - so was the silence - but then we heard ever so soft drip,
another drip - then a slurp ...Someone cleared their throat...It was quite eerie at the same time exciting experience.

I appreciated the feeling as I was writing an adventure story for teens called "THE SILVER ARROW" and part of my story takes place right here. So does "THE  INNER SPACE ALIENS." Second of trilogy coming this winter.

By the way, going down was easy
climbing back up was harder :-)
Vatnshellir, Iceland