Monday, July 23, 2018

I'm a 93 years old chronologically gifted woman who "aspires to inspire before I expire".
At age ten, growing up in Iceland I wanted to fly like the seagulls. I tried one  day by tying a flour sack on my neck and proceeded to jump/fly from one corrugated shed to another, an earthquake happened to spoil that attempt but not my dream. I waited for years and finally realized the dream as you can see in the photo. Paragliding in Vik, Iceland. Higher than the Seagulls we, Gisli, from True Adventures, and I soared, above the black sand, above the Atlantic! Yes dreams do come true.

Keep moving life beckons!

I move at every opportunity; dancing my microwave-hop, stretching, stretching, doing the "stork-pose" as I wait for the coffee to brew. Keep my brain active by writing - I published my memoir at age 88, had time to write after my ten kids were grown. just last May I received International Book Award Finalist...Never give up and keep it moving: Keep your spirit - mind - and body moving, no one will do it for you. Yes you can!