Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Just musing....

In June, my youngest daughter, Heidi, and I traveled from central Illinois to St. Louis, Mo to catch a nonstop plane to Keflavik, Iceland. We arrived in plenty of time which was a good thing...

Something about the passport of this elderly woman shut down ALL the computers of the WOW service desk!!! Technicians came running in, back out again, and in again...

In the meantime the travelers kept coming and standing in line! A GLITZ! After almost an hour the problem was solved, not my passport, just bad timing for me for a computer glitz to take place, whew!

Two hours after taking off, at 11 p.m, we flew through the night in constant sunrise! Poor photo through the window of airplane.

Arrived in Keflavik by 11 a.m.and got our rental camper and hit the road! Drove to Vik where we met Gisli and crew for the paragliding event! Flying over the black sands of Vik and the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, higher than the seagulls, is an unforgettable experience!

Next morning it was a zip-line event, a new adventure offered by Gisli and his True Adventure company. The landscape of the hike to the "take-off" site is surrealistic and yet gorgeous.
What fun this new sport is, the view from above is phen'awesome! 

Next it was another dream come true for this 93+ chronologically gifted woman...Try ice-cave climbing! Wow! I was not very elegant but I got to try it... At the Katla Glacier Ice-cave!

Thank you Gisli and Birgir at True Adventure for making this 83-year-old dream come true - at the age of ten and growing up in Iceland I tried to fly like the seagulls but an earthquake spoiled the attempt (Full story in my memoir GROWING UP VIKING.) Never to late to realize your dream!

Saturday, August 18, 2018



                                           Bernie King and The Guilty Pleasures, Blues-Grass.

                                          Fun evening in Wabash, Minnesota

Under the bridge of  Wabash, Minnesota/Wisconsin
The traffic zoomed over and the band played on.:-)
                Gorgeous day visiting the Farmers Market in downtown Winona, Minnesota
                                                      Della - Amma - Marian - Al