Tuesday, July 23, 2019


What a great time I had in Iceland. Met many family members , some I had not met before. Also Alma Ómarsdóttir, Viktoría Hermannsdóttir and Jón Thór Helgason from RÚV, who were  instrumental in getting my story out.

Met many Face-book friends that had cheered for me to get my Icelandic citizenship back - I had lost it in '56 when I became a American citizen - I received it by e-mail while in Iceland, and the "kennitalan" which I needed to get my Icelandic passport. As soon as I got that number, my daughter, Heidi, and I headed for the passport office to apply for it. In just a few hours everything was taken care of and I got another notice; Congratulations your passport has been mailed to your address in the  United States! How cool is that!

This was way to short of a trip! I had a bit of a jet-lag...couple of days later we went out for dinner at Perkins restaurant, as we got out of our booth I was feeling all around my waist to unbuckle my seat belt !!!!

Hey! In the car -out of the car...in the airplane out of the airplane...back in a car out of.a car....

I'll put it down for "Senior moment" no such thing as to much travel!!!

Monday, July 8, 2019

Stretching - Stretching - Stretching !!!

My senior fitness... 94 and still stretching.

Hold unto wall or chair for balance if needed.

Keep stretching!

Do the microwave hop!

While the microwave ticks
let's not sit and wait...
let's get up and do some hop.
Or we could dance and  prance
whatever it takes...
Just do not stop
Let's clap our hands and shout
Hey! Hey!these old bones can move, and sway
for another chronological day!