Friday, March 1, 2019


            Wow! It took a long time to get the med - that caused the uncontrollable coughing - out of my system...Coughing night and day since mid-January until now. My body was tired and keeping up my exercising was difficult and quite challenging - push -ups - squats - planks   but I huffed and I puffed in determination of getting through this, hey, I am a stubborn Icelander after all and I am finally getting almost back to my "normal" self....As I was told numerous times in growing up "One  of these days your going to break your foolhardy neck!" But oh the freedom of enjoying life!!!

 We all realize that life is not for the dead but for the living, so I enjoy it to the best of my ability. Raising ten kids meant we didn't have the luxury of riches - money :-) but going to the lake was free, running and playing at the school and parks playground was free, jumping rope and juggling balls was free, running after my kids-exercise was free!

Over the years I have had one habit that has not changed: On a gloomy day -actual or emotional - I go through my clothes and pick out the gaudiest, most colorful top that I can find put on make-up as if I was going on a date! Worked every time, partly because after awhile my husband caught on, and we'd have a date of sorts...Now I sit here, remembering, with a smile on my face like the proverbial Cheshire cat :-)

As I journey through this life I remember "A journey keeps going, a destination is the end." Therefor I will keep going, and  moving till the end ...But  then I'll just fly away. Hello!

It only takes a small change in the word "impossible"..."I'm possible..." don't remember who said this but I think it's worth repeating :-)

In "Over 50 and Fabulous with Purpose" recently posted "An elderly woman loses 120 pounds walking in her one- bedroom apartment." There  you are - where there is a will there is a way!"

This is the day the Lord has made, I WILL rejoice and be glad in it!