Tuesday, July 26, 2016

From my recent book...The Silver Arrow

...Óðin picked up a small rock, tossing it against the wall. As the pebbles clattered own, the echo magnified the noise and reminded Erik of his unease over the odd sounds they´d heard.

"Maybe we'd better be super quiet until we know what was making that grinding, metal against metal sound." Nervously, Erik looked around in the dim cave.

"What did you say?" Óðin jumped to his feet, staring at Erik.

''Just before Finna fell, we saw the animals running, like running for their lives. Then this metal-against-metal screeching sounded and we got scared. That's when everything happened.'' Erik swallowed.

''I´ll be back.'' Óðin suddenly faded from their sight.

''Sure gives me the creeps to have him disappear before my eyes like that.'' Kalli shuddered. A twirling mist spun alongside Kalli, and Óðin re-appeared.

''I didn´t see anything nor could I sense a presence." Óðin said. ''But if it´s what I fear, I wouldn't be able to anyway. And if they´re not moving...''

´'What do you mean 'they'?'' The kids almost shouted before catching themselves.
In a hushed, scared  voice Finna asked. ´'Who, or what are you afraid of ?"

''The Inner Space Aliens,'' Óðin answered, his middle eye blinking rapidly.


The sequel to The Silver Arrow - The Inner Space Aliens -  will be available after I get back from Iceland.

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