Sunday, August 21, 2016

Iceland is my Inspiration

Just got back from a fabulous trip to Iceland where I get my inspiration for writing, like my new book based in Snæfellsnes: THE SILVER ARROW, also a sequel to THE SILVER ARROW in the works, and, of course, my memoir of growing up in Iceland TROLLS - MONSTER WORM - HIDDEN PEOPLE! 

What a country of extremes: Fire and ice, modern and mysterious, awesome structures built on a surrealistic terrain.  Last year (2015), I had a fantastic experience paragliding with TRUE ADVENTURES off the coast of Vik.  From the time I was a little girl - over 70 years ago - I imagined what it was like to fly, and the reality was tremendous.  It was such a personal experience for me and it felt like the achievement of a life-long dream.  Imagine my surprise, when this year I walked into a small sandwich shop in Vik and saw a poster for the paragliding company, feature my photo from my flight.  I never thought my indulgent fun would motivate anyone else, but if it has, I am so happy to provide that motivation for others to bring such a great experience to their own lives.  

It's a kick to share the story and photos from True Adventures with all of you here:

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