Tuesday, July 23, 2019


What a great time I had in Iceland. Met many family members , some I had not met before. Also Alma Ómarsdóttir, Viktoría Hermannsdóttir and Jón Thór Helgason from RÚV, who were  instrumental in getting my story out.

Met many Face-book friends that had cheered for me to get my Icelandic citizenship back - I had lost it in '56 when I became a American citizen - I received it by e-mail while in Iceland, and the "kennitalan" which I needed to get my Icelandic passport. As soon as I got that number, my daughter, Heidi, and I headed for the passport office to apply for it. In just a few hours everything was taken care of and I got another notice; Congratulations your passport has been mailed to your address in the  United States! How cool is that!

This was way to short of a trip! I had a bit of a jet-lag...couple of days later we went out for dinner at Perkins restaurant, as we got out of our booth I was feeling all around my waist to unbuckle my seat belt !!!!

Hey! In the car -out of the car...in the airplane out of the airplane...back in a car out of.a car....

I'll put it down for "Senior moment" no such thing as to much travel!!!

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