Friday, December 28, 2018


Growing up in Vopnafjörður, Iceland, Grandpa always said "Viking kids don't cry," One day I said "I'm not a Viking, what I have heard they were mean people!" 

Grandpa looked at me and said: "Vik, in Icelandic means a bay, inlet or a fjord. 
So anyone who lives by a fjord could be called Viking or Vikingur which means "One who comes from the fjords."

"As many Icelander can tell  you  living by a fjord is not for the faint of heart  and don't cry over small stuff.  We learn to toughen up at young age, that's what I am teaching you: Kids from the fjords don't cry, they can stomp their feet yell and holler but don't whine and cry." Grandpa frowned and then said "In the old days there were many that went berserk and went raiding other countries but that's a different story. So, Diddamin, I repeat Viking kids don't cry!"

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