Monday, November 19, 2018


Over our younger years my husband and I  moved several times, like so many folks. The first few years it
was all rental apartments.  We did as many other

renters did; cleaned, washed windows, painted when allowed to do so...took good care of the property.

When, in later years we bought our first house, moved and started fixing up; painting the rooms according to our taste, putting in better insulation and so on...

The lawn was mowed, bushes trimmed... Again we were not alone in this desire to take care of our dwellings. 

What got me to thinking was how many of us are so careful to take care of our temporary living places, even though we'd know that we would likely  move again and again... 

But we are not so careful to take care of the one permanent dwelling we don't get move out of, and  get a new one...

Our bodies is the one and only permanent house we'll ever have and it must
last as long as we live! Just think of that for a minute...Are we really as aware of the need of taking good care of this "one and only forever house"  as we are on with our temporary homes?

With the house comes the need for power tools - lawnmowers, perhaps a truck, a car...All oiled - checked for good operation...

But what about our forever house? The one that has to last as long as we breathe...? Hmm? 

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