Sunday, November 11, 2018


Indoor rock-wall climbing at UPPER LIMITS in Bloomington,
Illinois, in preparation for climbing down into Vatnshellir Cave,
 Snæfellsnes, Iceland.

Before we descended down the 114 feet spiral stairs, each of us
was given a flashlight.

We walked carefully, slipping and sliding about 600
  feet from the winding stairs we were instructed to
 turn off all lights. The darkness was absolute.

At first - so was the silence - but then we heard ever so soft drip,
another drip - then a slurp ...Someone cleared their throat...It was quite eerie at the same time exciting experience.

I appreciated the feeling as I was writing an adventure story for teens called "THE SILVER ARROW" and part of my story takes place right here. So does "THE  INNER SPACE ALIENS." Second of trilogy coming this winter.

By the way, going down was easy
climbing back up was harder :-)
Vatnshellir, Iceland

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